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Although,we have agents in more than ten cities, in order to extend the Dayu brand further and seize the market, our corporation has started all-around plans to attract merchants. Individuals and companies with good reputation and having experience in valve sales will be chose as our agents.
We will discriminate items including years in business, other products surrogated, records of growing up and interests, ability of payment, credit grade, corporation attitude and reputation. Sincerely welcome everyone qualified join us. Please call us when you have any question or interested in us.
The detailed requirements are as below.

Index  Specific Requirements
qualifications Validity License, Tax Registration Certificate, Organization Code Certificate, Bank Account Permit, Corporation Identity.
Experience Excellent sub-region sales ability, abundant customer resources (different region, different requirements)
Office Having settled, capacious office (at least one year if rent)
staff Principal At least one person with management experience of valve
Sales Having valve sales knowledge (or after training)
Technician and Service Local people with experience of product technique and service, or report to headquarters directly.
Operation Quantity
Dayu deal with all orders uniformly.
Payment The agent must pay 25% of the whole amount to Dayu within 3 workdays after the order is valid, and pay the balance amount-75% to Dayu within 10 days after you receiving the goods or after goods passing the test for receiving.
Price Please check agent mould for detailed information. Dayu will provide technical service call in 8 hours everyday and in 6 days every week. We will deal with your call in 2 hours, and give you answer in 24 hours. At the same time, we also provide technical email box, and we will check it every hour, and reply within 24 hours.
Channel Please extend sales channels, exalt Dayu brand and manage all channels normatively under the requirements of Dayu Company. Disturbing the market order with low price and surrogating other brand are forbidden.
Development and Opportunity Under the principal of cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation.
In the 1st year, management fee is free/ isn`t free;
In the 2nd year, we will set the sale target on the basis of the 1st year`s turnover, and spire the agent with excellent turnover with discount refund and other promotion actions.

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